Kandi, Chonge, Kanchi, Dorje and a long list of sponsored children

Here some news about the children. When I was there a week ago most of them were just going through the end of school term exams. That’s why I was not able to catch up with many of them.

But as for our three „shared“ children –  here are some news:

They were the first children I fell in love with in the village and along with two others I think they are the main reason why we ended up founding this association.

All three of them Kandi (15), Chonge (13), Kanchi (11/12) are now in Kathmandu. Their mother and father (Pemba)let them go into this – to them – unknown world of education. Pemba accompanied each one of them into Kathmandu himself and I am very grateful, that he and his wife do have the trust in us and the choice of school we have made, to give their children this chance!

The background:

All three were born in the house in „Hill“. The parents are wonderful, hard working people. The mother has never been to school, the father went through three (??? ) years of village school and is therefore able to read and write a little. Pemba does work as a porter in Khumbu during the short window of Mt. Everest expeditions every year (if the season is not cancelled due to corona, or accidents or earthquakes..). And whenever/wherever a porter is needed – competition is big.

Kandi (15) has again passed her school term with marks she can be totally proud of. She is a hard working girl, taking in whatever she can to successfully passing her school years. After three years of „Kailash Bodi School“ She will start grade 7 in a couple of days!  When she came from the village she started with grade 4 at the age of 12. I am so happy, that she is doing well.

Chonge (13) had a harder time starting the road to education. He started school in the midst of the up and downs of several Corona lockdowns and the waves flooding the world with fear  and shaping our hopes and dreams. He now successfully completed grade four and I am extremly happy that he seems to be getting used to working hard at school. English is the main language at school, which makes it even harder for a new comer from the village… and not to be forgotten, he  had just broken his arm in the village before starting school. The arm now is o.k… only a little crooked. Chonge will start grade 5 now.

Now KANCHI (11/12), too is starting her time at Kailash Bodi School, thank God she is not alone but Kandi and Chonge are already there. Kanchi was tested and will start school with grade 3. Again, first of all she needs to catch up with English to be able to follow the lessons. I am happy for being able to give them a chance to go to school but I also know that it is not an easy road. Sometimes it makes me sad to think of our privileged world here, where people seem to lose appreciation of school and education. Since „google“ has it all .. L too many think they have arrived in the land of the gods.. „knowing“ it all.. – we lose brain cells not thinking anymore.. but oh well. That is a different topic!

Now these are three big responsibilities for our association and we are hoping that we will be able to share the costs to give them this chance for as long as they need it.

Another long term responsibility has occured over the last couple of months. While Nima was in Germany his brother Dorje had some fits and fell. Thank God he had not been injured badly, but after Nimas return to Nepal he got diagnosed and we will try to support him with the (life long?) medication he needs to function normally. Without the pills, which are not really cheap, he would not be able to continue a life supporting his wife and live life in the village as it is. Dorje, too, works hard as a porter when he’s got a chance and in agriculture (all by hand). He is not yet 30 years old.

Of course our list of „to be sponsored children“ has become longer,….

Thanks to all, who are supporting, following, thinking of us… Namaste!


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