Report Trip into the village 2022

Shechen Guest House, Boudha, Kathmandu

22.April 2022

I am trying my best now, to get something little written now, before I am back on the plane back home…short or long…. you never know how the „flow“ of writing down my thoughts catches me. 🙂 I was tryin my best to write something decent yesterday in German.. . but somehow.. I got stuck … again and again. Too many thoughts and memories are still taking over..

I have to say I am sitting inside the restaurant right now and it is is quite sidetracking listening to a photographer talking to a monk from Bhutan staying in the monastry.. this also makes me realize how much I have learned about all the different fragments of this culture although I had NO clue about anything concerning Nepal before I met Raby.. back in 2012 🙂 … – and yes.. I have come here a couple of times since then – the photographer seems to have no clue about anything here.. but I surely was the same.. before Nepal sucked me in 🙂

Well, all the worries were definitely not worth a penny… I am here at the end of this trip… and I feel blessed.. again! I was granted three days extra off school, which made this trip possible. For our „mission“ to go into the village we need 14 days.. everything else is just not enough time.

So the itinerary was like this:

After school on Friday I was flying out, to arrive in KTM on Saturday, after arriving we needed to get the money in and out of the Nima’s bank account (which is not really easy 🙂 Sunday was a bank holiday…giving me an extra day to „arrive“.. my body was here but the rest was a bit slow.

Anyhow three days preparing is always the minimum..

And three days in the end are needed.. PCR Test and getting sorted out.

The inbetween is THREE DAYS trip to the village

day one: 10 hours Jeep ride to Phaplu,

day two: 1 ½ hours Jeep from Phaplu to Ringmu and then I „need to“ start walking towards the village althought the roads have been built to go a lot further than they had when I first came to Nepal. – Taksindu pass, Taksindu lunch stop, Nunthala the night (Always happiness to catch up with the lodge owners)

Day three: The day usually starts early and we have quite a long way to go.. after a long day and lots of ups and downs we work our way from one bend to the next having „Hill“ in sight. Just before the possibly every year shifting landslide we meet Mama’s delivery service. Someone is always coming to meet us Chang on the way is good to forget that there is another hill ahead of us… before we are finally able to collapse in „Hill“ 🙂

This year’s special: Nimas wife and little one were walking with us. His brothers Dorje and Pemba met us in Phaplu to carry the load which I had brought over to be taken to the children of Hill. Me – realizing that all this was a lot easier 10 years ago 🙂

Nevertheless, I was totally psyched to finally see all the children/people who are still in the village… and the animals! Waterbuffalos, cows, goats, dog, at Mama and Papa Sherpas house … and Dorje’s beautiful little dog (peeing MY pants after feeling totally happy to be on my lab for hours.. 🙂 … – )

I guess I really needed that love too 🙂

We stayed two days.. three nights and it was all filled with meeting the families, children, eating dal bhat, drinking chang, katas and more katas and… more katas…

The death of the first „Sherpa“ of the season, which had just happened cast its shadow over some families … this time it was someone from the next village. …

After two days in the village, I regularly fall apart, too many things I have seen and know.. so when everyone started to say good bye… and we (had to… it is emotionally just a little too much sometimes…) moved on.. it was time.. before we all would have cried an ocean.. (everyone trying hard NOT to – impossible for me!)

The way back was another bit of my happiness, walking with Kanchi into her new world… the girl is starting her time at Kailash Bodi School in Kathmandu this year.. luckily her brother and sister are there already. I have mixed feelings about taking them into Kathmandu (culture shock right there… in their own country)… but I totally trust my friend Karma, who is the headmaster of the school here, and this way, they DO have a chance.. … Pemba – their father – was travelling with us, too. Which made the „first time of everything“ experience for Kanchi a litttle … easier.

Since it was still exam time for the kids I was not able to see all of them, my time was extremly limited.

Of course, every single time I go into the village we get more people to request our help.. and hey.. it’s nessesary, if we think we are in a crises.. Nepal definitely is too. It still is my hope though.. they do have capabilities.. we have long lost..

Ahhhhhh… I think this must be enough for now.. need to get carried away by the conversations around me.. and it is funny.. I love to listen.. sometimes.. and just NOT talk..

This is the fairwell to Nepal, too.. I am heading home tomorrow..

Don’t hesitate to get in touch … we still have some parents who are waiting for a little „security“… 10 Euros a month .. we are still capable of giving that.. who knows for how long.

Anyhow… love, peace, happiness to you all and thank you ..



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