Short Namaste from Ktm 2022

In all the craziness of the western world I have come to make it to Nepal for our annual trip into the village.. and it feels good. Since I left Germany.. Germany was and will not stop being pretty crazy… and Nepal is the same.. just the other end.. so it will eventually balance myself again .. ha.. good thoughts .. are starting to flood my mind again. And the grin in my face (and the tiredness under my eyes… and in my body) has not left me since I have arrived here. All the tension of worrying about everything in Germany.. Europe,.. Corona, I get to escape .. into a world, which is not mine and yet it is! We are all human.
I have already been able to meet some old friends of mine.. and it fills me with such happiness … I guess I need to recharge my batterie quickly this time.. since I have a really tight schedule. Lucky me was able to extend my Easter Holidays… 3 days extra for the work we do here. GRATITUDE to all who have been supportive. I can’t wait to see the children in Hill.. and around.
Anyhow. More soon. We leave for the village on Tuesday.. had to get quite a couple of things done.. here.. before..
Namaste and hope to see and hear from you all soon. Love, peace and happiness to you all!
Bald mehr!

Luggage for the village
all on board

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