English version for all! – Nepal on an (almost) “German schedule”

I wish u all a mega happy new year. HEALTH and PEACE are the wishes we better appreciate most…. Back in Nepal on my 15 day break from school is like living a German schedule in Nepal. Not one of my favorites but .. "ke garne" (what to do)..
After arriving here we were busy from day one on getting the "plan" (as a German I do need something like it … ) worked out. Our schedule of course was only a rough one but that’s normal for Nepal.. you only have a plan to change it according to the circumstances!
Then our trip to the village started .. and I had a bag full of goodies for the school. Used children shoes (extremly good ones 🙂 and highly appreciated)..and some of the footballs the "aircracks" had donated. I could not fit all of them at once into the luggage. Also the money (cash in Nepali Rupies… ) for the families of cour godchildren .. some presents some used clothes .. all high quality.. used.. and definitely worth to be carried into the village.
the trip took this time 2 days.. one day a extremly long Jeep trip from 8 until 8 … and only a quick pee stop and lunch and tea break.. chaning jeeps once. The second part already going up to Taxindo (however you spell this place).. a very cold top-of-the-mountain-village (around 3700 mtrs???)
Pemba met us there to carry some of the big bags… and we had a long trekking down the next day. From Taxindo we started 7 o’clock (Nepali time) (… which ended up 7.30 am German time)… the whole day! And it left me with a sore body for 3 days.. first day was no moving possible !

Most of the kids still had the same clothes .. and were only a little skinnier from the winter and the cold … that’s the life in the mountain. But there was happiness in their little faces when they saw us and we were happy to see them and we had a great time.. Of course, the more time I spend there the more I bump into the not so pretty sides of the village life, too…. and a lot of it does make me sad at times too…

Well we had three nights in the village then moved on towards Lukla.. with Nima’s Mama walking with us.. 2 days walking and 2 overnight stays.. then airport Lukla. Lucky we were to catch a flight out on the same day.. (although we almost had a "mountain marathon training".. to catch that flight at 11 am…)…

In KTM I spend my time visiting Maya again and getting the money for the city kids ready.. we paid Maya’s 4th year.. another couple of footballs were given to her school and some more to Kailash Bodi School in KTM..
all good.. and highly appreciated.

Today.. next round.. Mama will have her check up at the dentist in KTM unfortunately the one who made the third teeth is not here anymore so we had to look for another one..

I apologize for not writing in German.. just send me a message if there are any problems.. I do have to run to meet Nima and Mama at the dentist 🙂
More soon!


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