this link explains the current situation:

Juliette’s Kommentar:

“I am currently in Kathmandu for hospital check-ups and to apply for visas for our holiday in Thailand and Myanmar in January. Because they are all in different locations, we are dashing about like mad-arsed flies in taxis, and thanks to Modi the fares are astronomical – we shall need to take out a bank loan for the taxi fares at this rate! You have really messed this country up Modi. Why, oh why doesn’t any other country step in to tell Modi to stop his silly game, it will do him no good in the popularity stakes in the long run, and when winter sets in thousands, if not millions of people will die in Nepal, especially children. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE DO SOMETHING TO HELP NEPAL OUT OF THIS MESS!”


And this is what it’s all about .. I think

27th November 2015

“India disagreed with Nepal’s constitution, which they finally ratified in August. They had been working on it (and fighting over it) for six years. India says that the people in the Terai, many of whom are Indians or Indian extraction have been given not enought power.” This is basically how my friend Juliette C. has been describing the reasons for the problems the people of Nepal are suffering from at the moment… (earthquake thoughts are NOT included here..  – seems to be a different story altogether – for the ones in power..  – POWERGAMES suck and the poor ones suffer while the ones “in power” can’t get enough of it!)