starting the packing

Ok. here I am finally starting the packing.. (well it is more “piling”.. ) .. for my next trip to Nepal. Christmas under Buddhas eyes..why not. I will pay the bills and take the money to the “Godchildren’s” families… If we have a chance to go into the village I will also get a pile of secondhand shoes there.. good stuff from friends of mine.. I just can’t leave them here, knowing how much these things are appreciated in the village. The soccer and tiny basketballs from the Air Cracks.. will also find a home.. in one of the three schools I have designated to be receivers 🙂 Village school in Hill, Kailash Bodi in KTM and the Marshyangdi School which Maya attends will receive a couple of them. 🙂

Looking mega forward to the way-too-short- trip to Nepal.

I will let you know what’s happening.. once it is happening 🙂


Greetings from Maya’s School

Dear Andrea Berner, Namaste….
Hope this mail will find you in the best of your health. We all along with Maya Tamang are in good health and doing well with our daily school activities. Attached here with the progress report of first terminal exam of this session. Hope you will be happy with the report and the good progress of your ward. As the government has changed the educational system of Nepal we are now publishing the result with grading system like foreign countries. It’s with ( GPA) Grade Point Average and (AG) Average Grade. It’s a new practice and going good with enthusiasm and excitement. She has secured B+ grade which is a very good one. Congrats….
We are happy with the hard work, interest and effort put in by Maya through out the school days. We are also happy with her participation in different extra activities which will enhance her hidden talents and general academic progress for the all round development. It’s all possible by your love and support for her. Thanks a lot…
It’s summer days in Nepal with lots of rain !! We had two phases of local level election in six federal States. Now there is one federal State left to conduct local level election. We hope it will conduct within two months of time and after that we will go for province legislative election followed by people’s representative in Central Parliament. We hope to have stable Government there after to run the country towards prosperous Nepal with New Constitution. We pray for smooth execution of all these new beginnings for better and prosperous Nepal. Lets HOPE..
With warmest greeting and love to you…..
Sonam Marshyangdi School Kathmandu NEPAL


It’s about time

.. that I do send a little update.. after all this time. We have not put any news on, because we were busy organising the old things 🙂 Tax, documentary (which will eventually appear on our little page here), Nima coming over to Germany, going through all the pictures and still having nothing in order 🙂 .. – telling all the sponsors who had time and wanted to know about our little schoolbag event in Nepal ..

Well,  basically I have been busy with arriving back home. While we have not posted anything new, we still did stuff which had to be done. We are thinking of further little steps to improving things in the village, we are still looking for 10 Euro Sponsors for 3 children in HIll and we are trying to deal with the news coming from Nepal. The monsoon has left big parts of the country fighting the floods, nobody talks about that while “Hurricane Irma”.. has struck Florida. But again.. noone really talks about it .. not before, not after “Irma”. So we just continue to remind people .. there is a extremly beautiful place out there .. with mega good people.. struggling EVERY DAY.. against all odds!!!!

Any amount can help.. any time!