Jahresende 2017 – Nepal-Besuch von Andi

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Am 23.12.17 ist Andi wieder nach Nepal aufgebrochen.


Soweit alles in Butter… Machen uns morgen wieder auf den Weg Gen Solu.. per Jeep.. günstigster Weg.. auf dem weg hin.. mit flieger von lukla zurück…hab die Tasche voll mit Bällen Kinderschuhen und den Briefumschlägen mit Patengeld…auf m Rückweg haben wir dann Mama dabei, die zum Zahnarzt hier muss…die Zeit rast..  komm fast schon in Stress.. aber ich denke wir bekommen alles auf die Reihe! Gggglg auch von Nima!





Auf m weg… Lunchbreak.. Dal bhat!







Maya heute das vierte Schuljahr bezahlt. Da der Schulleiter.

Habe noch 43 Euro für den Neubau der Schule gespendet. ca. In zwei Jahren wollen sie umziehen!

Weg nach ‘Hill’! KTM, Jeep

The Bros… Pemba, Nima, Dawa…es gibt noch zwei mehr..

Hill im Hintergrund



Subwoofer.. ist Papas Weihnachtsgeschenk – NICHT von uns gesponsert!

Die Umschläge, Patenschaften bis einschließlich juni 2018

Die gesponserten Bälle…n Teil davon auf jeden Fall!!!

Hier wird aufgepumpt…




Unsere Schultaschen leben noch …





Nimas Mutter mit uns auf dem Weg zum Zahnarzt. Nach zwei Tagen wandern Flug nach KTM! Also..für uns war’s mehr wandern.. aber Mama kam ja erst ab Hill mit.

Grob… Morgen geht’s weiter. Mama Zahnarzt..dann Kinder in KTM… Man ist ‘nur’ im Stress. Ein paar meiner Favoriten noch!

Pema (von Lynne gesponsort)

Kandi und Pema

Everything u want to have butter

Beauty parlour!!



letter from Nepal

Dear Andrea Berner,,

Namaste and warmest Greetings,,,

Hope you are in good health and doing well. We all along with Maya Tamang 
are fine and doing good at school with regular school activities.  We are almost
up to two third of this year's school session and its going very well with many

Enclosed here with a personal letter from  Maya Tamang on the very happy 
occasion of Happy New Year  -  2018   and   Christmas.

On this very happy occasion of forthcoming festive season..........
AND IT'S HOPE BRIGHTER as it comes to you this year.    "  Merry Christmas  "
and a very joyous, healthy, successful and peaceful new year 2018   !!!  May this 
new year brings you every happiness, success and smiles to you, to  your family and 
to your loved ones...  AND MORE OVER  LOVE, COMPASSION and PEACE PREVAIL  
all over the Universe. 

The General election of Nepal was conducted on 26th of Nov. and 7th of December.
This is the first ever election to formally execute the Constitution of Federal 
Republic of Nepal. The counting is going on ( it may take ten days to complete) and 
the Majority of members for Parliamentary  and the provincial assembly members are 
coming from The Left Alliance  United Marxist / Leninist and the Maoist Party. It 
seems they will have comfortable majority both in Federal Parliament and State 
Assembly. The democratic alliance headed by Nepali Congress is loosing unbelievably 
this time. We have seven provisional States under the New Constitution. We are 
looking for Development, improve integrity, accountability and transparency in all 
walks of public life. We hope that the new government  will last for five years of 
its term and bring Peace, prosperity and harmony in the Country. Good Government 
bring smiles on its people............. Lets HOPE... 

Once again Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful new year

With all our love, prayers and warmest Greetings,,,

Marshyangdi School
Kathmandu NEPAL


starting the packing

Ok. here I am finally starting the packing.. (well it is more “piling”.. ) .. for my next trip to Nepal. Christmas under Buddhas eyes..why not. I will pay the bills and take the money to the “Godchildren’s” families… If we have a chance to go into the village I will also get a pile of secondhand shoes there.. good stuff from friends of mine.. I just can’t leave them here, knowing how much these things are appreciated in the village. The soccer and tiny basketballs from the Air Cracks.. will also find a home.. in one of the three schools I have designated to be receivers 🙂 Village school in Hill, Kailash Bodi in KTM and the Marshyangdi School which Maya attends will receive a couple of them. 🙂

Looking mega forward to the way-too-short- trip to Nepal.

I will let you know what’s happening.. once it is happening 🙂


Greetings from Maya’s School

Dear Andrea Berner, Namaste….
Hope this mail will find you in the best of your health. We all along with Maya Tamang are in good health and doing well with our daily school activities. Attached here with the progress report of first terminal exam of this session. Hope you will be happy with the report and the good progress of your ward. As the government has changed the educational system of Nepal we are now publishing the result with grading system like foreign countries. It’s with ( GPA) Grade Point Average and (AG) Average Grade. It’s a new practice and going good with enthusiasm and excitement. She has secured B+ grade which is a very good one. Congrats….
We are happy with the hard work, interest and effort put in by Maya through out the school days. We are also happy with her participation in different extra activities which will enhance her hidden talents and general academic progress for the all round development. It’s all possible by your love and support for her. Thanks a lot…
It’s summer days in Nepal with lots of rain !! We had two phases of local level election in six federal States. Now there is one federal State left to conduct local level election. We hope it will conduct within two months of time and after that we will go for province legislative election followed by people’s representative in Central Parliament. We hope to have stable Government there after to run the country towards prosperous Nepal with New Constitution. We pray for smooth execution of all these new beginnings for better and prosperous Nepal. Lets HOPE..
With warmest greeting and love to you…..
Sonam Marshyangdi School Kathmandu NEPAL