Our small non-profit association for Nepal (SpesMea Nepal e.V.) is a wonderful thing

Meanwhile our first godchild Maya has started successfully (14 years?) the second class and in December I’ll pay the money for her third school year. We will always have enough money for that.

Additionally, 5 godchildren are being supported by different friends with a sponsorship of 10 Euros per month. This is direct help which can be afforded by anyone. But of course, everyone would like to know who and what they support with their money. I will be in Nepal again from mid-October to Christmas and will probably “discover” one or the other child, which would hopefully benefit from a sponsorship. However, I try to always get to know their environment, family and living conditions, this way I hope to prevent the “abuse” of funds as much as possible.

There are heaps of places where help is needed. Both sides should feel alright. We can’t save the world but can ease the conditions a little bit. 

It may at any time be donated, small or large amounts, cash, by bank transfer or via paypal on our website!

We are happy about each one of you who decides to become a member, but of course we are also happy if you “only” got interested in Nepal.  Maybe you go want to see it one day!?



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