Long time no hear

Namaste to you all and I sure hope peace prevails in all your hearts in these crazy times. We are all fighting our own battles with every day life and some are doing better, others aren’t. I just wanted to update the things which have not really changed.

We are still happy to be helping almost 80 children with their fees at school in Nepal. Until March we are also hoping to have the school fees together for 4 of the children who are in Kathmandu at Kailash Bodi School. So if anyone wants to donate a small or big amount, we are collecting that money to get our shared sponsorships up to the needed amount for the annual hostel and school fee for Kandi, Kanchi, Change and little Migma Sony Sherpa together. That’s all, no breaking news from here. Life in Nepal is as normal as can be.. just as much as life in Germany and any other country in this world is normal as can be. And yes, there is always worse. Let’s hope we can believe in brightening all the corners where we are or not are .. just by not forgetting there are others.. whose normal is a „different“ normal. If only people would let others live in peace – Peace on earth – can it be? Have a wonderful time, stay happy and healthy and thankfurl for all the small and big gifts life has granted you! Now that we are heading towards christmas, in all this materialistic hectic, we easily forget .. what it is all about.

Thank you for reading, supporting, thinking of us!

NAMASTE and Grüß Gott (just „Namaste in Swabian“)




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