Ein Bild der “normalen” Situation in Nepal

Mail von Schulleiter marshyangdi

Name ..  Tsering Choemphel Tamang
Age ..  13 yrs
Class attending…   VII seven
From…  Langtang 
Parents…  Got both of his parents. Father working as porter during trekking and mother farmer.
                  No lodge and tea shop in Langtang. Very deserving family and desperately looking
                  supporter to continue his studies. He is a good boy and works well. His performance 
                  In class is good and keeps good interest with his studies.
Dear Andrea Berner and family,,
Hope you are doing well and fine. Here we are nearing the Dashain festival and it’s from 
coming Friday. This time there are no enthusiasm and excitement for the festival. People
are desperate and taking every caution to avoid the pandemic.

Here at school we are busy with the online classes. It’s going well. 
We have send all the school text books to our kids during the month of 
August/September. We packed the books in boxes and send it to different villages.
Around 95%  of our kids are coming online. It’s matter of satisfaction that we could 
at least run the classes through virtual online. This is the only option we have to 
continue our learning process during this very very difficult time. Many kids have 
managed WiFi in groups, some  of them are using data facilities which the Nepal 
Telecom has provided in good  package for students. And also we do recharge from 
school office to provide them the data to come online. Our teachers are regularly 
coming to school as usual to conduct online classes and do their best to regulate 
the best for our beloved kids. 
We are through out the online classes since last three and half months and now it’s
time for First Terminal Exam from 15th October till 23 October, 2020.  These days we
are busy with the exam. We send questions to the respective class group and receive
the answer sheets through messenger and we print the answer papers to check by
subject teachers. It’s very time consuming and lengthy process but it’s working well. 
We still have five days of exam until coming Friday and then 4 days of Dashain 
Festival break. We will have regular online classes from Wednesday 28th October.
This year we don’t have 35 days of Dashain and Tihar festival holidays,  the 12 days 
of winter break and some of the other occasional holidays that we used to enjoy. 
We have decided to run the online classes during the holidays as well to cover all the 
lessons for this school session 2020/2021. We can run the online classes even during the 
lockdown as well.   So,, we are very certain that we can accomplish our school 
session 2020/2021 throughout this difficult time through virtual online classes. 
We had second lockdown in September for three weeks and now it’s partially 
open for transportation, shops, domestic flights, offices etc.   Big gatherings,
Colleges, schools and cinemas are still not allowed.  The situation here in Nepal 
is getting worse. Till today the positive cases has now reached 132,246  and the 
death toll  739 up to today’s figure. In Kathmandu valley itself the positive cases
 has now reached 44,773 and death toll  158.  We may face third lockdown if the 
situation doesn’t improve in the times to come. Kathmandu valley is now the 
HOT SPOT of COVID-19 !!! There are at least 2000 to 3000 new cases every day
in the valley.  We fear that there are much more positive cases as the government 
couldn’t trace it in large numbers. They are checking who got symptoms of
COVID only and not the ordinary people. So we can predict there are much more 
in Kathmandu valley.  We hope that the situation gets better around November, 
so that we could start our school physically by the time. 
Dear Andrea, I have a humble request to you that we have one boy in class 
seven from Langtang. He needs sponsor to continue his studies at our school. He
was supported a half part by one gentle man from Kathmandu and now the 
supporter is not able to continue. The half part is considered by myself from
school itself. He is from very deserving family. His father is a porter and mother
as farmer. No other means like lodge and tea shops there.
He got one younger brother whom I have found sponsor from USA. 
The family is really a poor and needs some one for his better future. I would 
Like to request you for this boy or bring in to our contact who can support him for
at least six years up to class XII.  Your wonderful support will change the entire 
life of this boy and give him a new life. So.,, please, do something for this very
deserving boy. 
With all our appreciation, thoughts and gratitude …
Please stay safe and healthy…
Marshyangdi school 
Kathmandu Nepal..


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