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Dear Andrea Berner and friends,,,,


With all our love, thoughts and prayers…
We are very sure that you along with your family and friends are in sound health, in 
good spirit  and doing fine at your home.  We are immensely very sad and shocking with 
the continuous news of casualties in many countries specially in Europe and America.
Our heartiest prayers, thoughts and love are all with you… We pray for your good health 
and well being all the time…
Here in Nepal we are still under “partial LOCKDOWN”.   No public transportation,  no 
social/religious gatherings,  No air transportation, No schools/colleges/institutions, 
No health clubs/cinemas and so on…Only groceries, small shops, private vehicles,
ration shops and so on are opening. 
Now the COVID-19 is spreading in large numbers then early days. Every day there are 
more than hundreds new cases coming but now the good news is that the number has 
come down very low. Before there used to be six to seven hundreds new cases.
Till today there are 38 dead in Nepal, above 16,800 positive infected cases and 
thousands and thousands in quarantine.  During the month of June, 2020 the 
number has increased unbelievably. It’s very difficult  time going as 
we don’t have good health care facilities and human resources to tackle it. In 
Kathmandu itself there are hundreds of positive cases these days. In India there 
are more than 800,000 positive cases ( third highest in the world) and over 20,000 
dead ( till today). It’s really alarming and serious for Nepal as we have very open 
and long long border  with India. 
Our kids are all in their mountain villages and came to know that they are all doing well 
and fine with their family. We have started “ONLINE CLASSES” since last three weeks
to engage our kids with the regulars studies for two and half hours a day. Kids are 
enjoying it and many are trying to come online. We are trying to engage as much as
more kids. It’s little difficult for the kids in high Himalaya and remote hilly regions. The 
Nepalese Government has also started TV, Radio and online classes for all the kids in
Nepal  for the certain limited time.
We admire and appreciate all your wonderful love, support and inspiration for our kid.
Please,,, be safe and stay strong ……  with all our appreciation, love, prayers 
and thoughts….
Marshyangdi School
Kathmandu NEPAL

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