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With all our love and prayers…
We hope and heartily pray that you, your family and friends are in sound health, in good
spirit and doing fine at your hometown. Our hearts breaking with the news of casualties 
in many countries specially in Europe and America. It’s beyond our imaginations…with the 
human life, with the social and daily life of humanity…   Our heartiest prayers, thoughts 
and love are all with you… We pray for your good health and well being all the time…
Here in Nepal we are still under LOCKDOWN. It has been two months since we start staying
at home. Everything still shut down. Now the COVID-19 is spreading in large numbers then 
early days. It’s because of open border,  southern Nepal bordering India. Till today 
there are 3 dead in Nepal, 450 positive infected cases and thousands in quarantine.
Hundreds and thousands of people from Nepal are in India for Job and they are all coming 
back now. It’s going to be very very difficult time as we don’t have good health care facilities 
and human resources to tackle it. With the very limited source and facilities the government 
is trying to handle it. In Kathmandu itself there are 19 positive cases and much much more 
in southern Nepal. In India there are more than 105,000 positive cases and over 3500 dead. 
It’s really alarming and serious for Nepal as we have very open and long long border 
with India. 
All of our kids are with their parents and family.  They are much safer in their villages as no
such cases detected in mountainous villages till now. We were supposed to start our school
 from mid April but couldn’t do so because of this COVID19 pandemic. We even couldn’t 
bring out the final exam reports as well as we had to closed down everything right after the 
final exam day. We will bring out the results after getting things into normal. We already 
missed more than month’s school days but we can still adjust it with the holidays in 
coming months. Let’s hope for better days sooner. 
Many of our parents are rely on tourism business like, porter, trek guide, small lodge and
tea shops around mountains and hilly regions. They already missed the last season and 
there are no sign of getting better during the up coming tourist seasons in Nepal.
They grows corps but only once in a year with the limited land. 
The tourism business has gone down totally to ground level since last March.  It’s going 
to be very hard days coming for our parents to survive. It’s really going to be very hard time
 for every one in this world. 
I shall keep you writing on time to time about the situation. All my heartiest gratitude for all 
your love and support for our kids and I admire all your good heart and supporting the 
most deserving one. There are always a light after the dark side and  we can definitely 
have the better days ahead …..
With all our prayers, thoughts and love…
Marshyangdi School
Kathmandu NEPAL

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On Friday, April 3, 2020, 4:41 PM, Sonam Lama <; wrote:

Dear Andrea, Family and friends,,,
I really hope and pray heartily that you, your family and loved ones are all fine
and in good spirit.  The news coming in from Europe really breaking our hearts. It’s 
very very difficult time going there. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts are always with you.
Please be very strong and keep hope with high spirit.  You all gonna be fine and safe…
and we heartily pray for it…… 
We in Nepal are all in lockdown since last two weeks. All our kids have gone home and are
all safe, doing good with their family and loved ones in their villages. Till today we have
7 people infected ( more in Ktm.) and few hundreds in isolation. It’s less compare to other 
countries but we are taking every precautions and trying our best to be safe and fine. 
We don’t know when we can start our school. Hopefully pretty sooner,,,, let’s hope for 
better days ahead….  Once again,, all our love, thoughts and prayers are all with you…
Please,,,,, take very good care of your self, be safe and be very strong ..
With all our love, prayers and thoughts…..


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On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 1:59 PM, Sonam Lama <; wrote:

Dear Andrea Berner, family and friends,,,,

Hope you are in good health and doing good.  We are at the end of the 
final exam day and kids are going home tomorrow for a month of time. 
We are very much worrying and concern about you because of the deadly 
pandemic coronavirus spreading all over  Europe and Worldwide. Please, take good
care of your self and be always at the safe side.  Our love, prayers and thoughts are
always with you. We pray for your safety, good health and well being all the time. 
Till today in Kathmandu-Nepal, we don’t have such kind of cases but the Nepalese 
Government is taking every possible steps for prevention.  We are completing our 
Final Exams tomorrow and kids will be leaving for home for a month of time as a
session ending break. We hope and pray for better situation sooner …….
We love you….
Stay safe ….

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