Hey Y’all and Namaste 🙂


It has been a while since I updated this here, but this doesn’t mean, our association has slept.. 🙂 It is great because things happen silently but they  do happen. I was lucky to have two visitors from Nepal this year. Nima was able to spend three months here getting to know some of the “Godparents” of our “Hill-children” himself and learning lots of new things. One of the new experiences was “how to make “moscht”  – cider” ..

Our children will receive the money of their Godparents soon and this way we hope that their parents can cover the rest of the school year costs.. We still haven’t had a chance to get into the school uniforms.. but decided that next year we will start a full sponsorship with one of the children who has left the village school. The schools are far from our imagination. Kandi will be sent to a boarding school in KTM. I know the principal myself, she is an incredible woman and has my full trust. I sure hope that Kandi will be able to take the chance and make the best of it even if she will most probably have to start with the little ones again. It does need strength and inner will to (nevertheless) walk the road that we are able to send her on. We can’t promise anything. But this is a chance we can offer.. and then I sure hope for the future of this girl.. whatever she does .. she will have had the experience of what education is. It is struggle and hard work as much as pleasure.. and I hope Kandi will be able to treasure it.. just like “our” Maya seems to do.


We will see.

Thanks to all our sponsors .. who are supporting regularly…and to all the people who have listened and opened their hearts whenever we get to speak about our little Nepal association.. WE ARE sending best vibes and sunbeams out into this grey world.. 🙂 We are changing something with best intentions… no more can be done! Love you all.. NAMASTE!!!!!!!


Will write more soon. THANK YOU!



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