some tiny news..


although there has been a lot of nothing on the page.. there is always something happening .. my school has given up it’s clothes “company” and has given all the samples to our little “Verein”. I will still have to organize the transport .. but luckily my other transporting problem has just been solved. Biswo has taken the school maps which the school has gotten rid of…  well .. we could call this … “thrown away” .. To Nepal …. I am quite happy with the fact that he considered the material worth taking.. ! (Here the digital age… brings its own “cultural revolution” .. and we are all doing it to ourselves.. ) 

He will get in touch with our friends at schools there.. and so hopefully each one of them will be able to work with it.

We have also gotten in touch with the Project “Besuch im Anderland” (a visit in the land of “different”… ) and Biswo will try to open the nepali branch.


We are also waiting for Nima to get a visa, so he can be here and we can plan, visit and organize more!

Have a great great summer.. Namaste!







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