Warmest greetings,,,,

Dear Andrea Berner,
Warmest greetings and Namaste,,,,
Hope,, this mail will find you in the best of your health. It has been almost two
months since we started our new session 2018/2019. Maya Tamang is in very
good health and enjoying every moment of school activities. This year she
is studying in class four and doing good as usual.
The weather is pretty good as of frequent rain this year. It seems the monsoon will
start very soon. No more hotter days this year… It's always under 30 Celsius. We
are busy with the regular daily classes and the extra activities among the four houses.
The kids often have competitions like; hand writing, speech, drawings/paintings,
debate, easy writing, poem writing and recitation, spelling competition, quiz etc.
These activities help young minds to develop diverse talents and their young minds
to creative pursuits. Besides,, we have cultural dance classes to learn and know
about their culture and heritage. And also different games and sports to develop their
body, mind and spirit of sports. It's very nice to see our kids enjoying every activities
and learn extra things. Maya is also active and interested in many of the extra activities
through out the year and doing pretty well.
The best thing happening now in Nepal is no more political disturbances. No more
strikes and no more closures. We are having regular school days and its pretty good
feeling that the good days are now starting. Hope and pray that we will have same
kind of atmosphere in the days to come.
It's always a great feeling and a great inspiration for us if we could hear from you.
Thanks for all your love, effort and continuing support. With all our heartiest appreciation,
good wishes and love to you and your family.
With warmest namaste,,,,,
Marshyangdi School
Kathmandu NEPAL
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