WG: Final report and warmest greetings,,,,

Dear Andrea Berner,

Namaste and warmest Greetings,,,,

I have this opportunity to reach out to you and THANK YOU for bringing yet
another academic year 2017/2018 to a logical and successful end. Thank you
for holding together to make our school what it is today. Together we will contribute
to achieve greater heights in the times to come. I have great pleasure to send
you the very successful final report card of Maya Tamang
She has successfully passed the final exam of grade Three and will be learning
class four from coming new session 2018/2019. I am very happy and proud with
the progress and an interest putting in and taking the golden opportunity given
by you. On behalf of the family and of my own, we would like to extend our
heartiest appreciation and grateful thanks to your love, continuos support and
inspiration. We look forward to your same kind blessings and love through
out the following years as well.

These days we are on session ending's holiday. Our new session will start from
18th April 2018, Wednesday.

We are here at this rented school premises since we start our school. It has
been more than two decades now ! This is rented school premises and we face
difficulties in facilitating our children with every facilities we wish to provide and
also regular high rent. We need bigger rooms, larger play ground and more over
safer buildings. We are very happy to share you that sooner we are managing our
own school premises where children receives more quality education in a nurturing
and at safer place. From the school session 2019/2020 we will be shifting to
our own school building where we will have safe building and better facilities
for our kids. More over we can accommodate more kids from remote Himalayan
region of Nepal. We will be staying here at current school premises for one more
year only and then shifting to our own school premises. We are so excited and
happy with these wonderful things happening for our children. It's all possible by
kind support and tireless effort from our friends in Aspen, CO. USA. We shall write
you more on the progress of our dream project in the days to come.

Once again our appreciation, grateful thanks and regards for all your love and
support for us. Your enormous love and continuos support gives us strength,
will power and energy to move forward to benefit more kids in future. It gives us
hope and regulate to do much bette and dream big. We love you and your warm
heart always cherish in our heart and soul. THANK YOU SO MUCH…..

With our love, prayers for your good health and well being.

Kathmandu NEPAL

PS: We would greatly appreciate and thankful to you if you could bring into our
contact or introduce some of your kind hearted friends/organisations who wish
to educate the very poor and deserving mountain kids. THANK YOU………..


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