godchildren where the money goes ....


MayaMaya’s story. “I met Maya christmas 2012, she worked in one of the lodges I had a great time at, while hiking in Langtang Valley. Coming back to Langtang Valley a couple of times before the earth quake in 2015 I caught up with her a couple of times. Shortly before the earthquake I had just found out that she had NEVER learned to read or write. She had never had a chance to go to school. So I promised I would teach her. Then the earth quake happened and the lodge got swept away by a landslide. The lodge owners and Maya were lucky to get away with their lives, having lost everything. Her own family is too poor to support her in any way. The lodge keeper therefore asked us to please support her. Thus she became our first godchild. We (the “Verein” and one sponsor) go half on Maya’ s boarding school costs in Kathmandu”.


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