Reisebericht von Andi – November 2016

During my trip to Nepal I met all our godchildren personally and met the parents or people who take care of them. Of course the relations are a little more complicated and for us they seem quite unusual, who is bringing up who. The money of the already existing godparenthoods were paid out in advance until  March. Maya’s school is now paid for the school year 2017/18; so that she can visit the third class without worries. The headmaster confirmed that she is diligent and hard working. I had the pleasure right in the beginning of my trip to Nepal that she was on holidays and we managed a trip to Pairo together. At the lodge which is now being rebuilt half the size (6 instead of 12 rooms) I had met Maya 4 years ago!
Thanks to Uta she has now got new hiking shoes so she has appropriate footwear to spend her school holidays in the mountains where she has lived before.

In Solukhumbu I visited the family who’s addition to the house was partly financed by our association.  The hearth which is now in the little addition is still smoking away but at least it is not inside the living room anymore.  In Hil we found another 5 children who we would like to help with the monthly amount of 10 Euros. We have already found sponsors. The money basically covers the school fees. You can’t compare the educational system to ours here. Lots of values and virtues we hold high are meaningless there because the circumstances of living in hardship rules their lives.

Every school expects the children to wear school uniforms. Some schools expect two sets. One for the regular school day, the other for sports. Usually school uniforms are around 25 to 30 Euro a set.  The monthly fee of primary school is around 7 to 10 Euro. T

Going into the villages you find financial help needed everywhere. Hil does not even have a medical station right now.  No doctor or nurse in the village and it is a long way to the next medical center. Medical treatment is hard to get and expensive, once they finally reach one.  All the goods are expensive, because they have to be carried into the valley, even medication.