“I feel the earth move under my feet..” :( NOT NICE

Friday 5th .. another 5.2 earthquake has occured.. and yesterday another 4.2.. I wish the earth would leave the Nepalese in peace and quiet.. They definitely do have enough problems besides the destructive forces of the planet.. And I sure wish their government would get themselves into gear and start realizing that the Nepalese do have already problems without the government causing more. How I admire these people their.. for their endurance and their strength to move on.

The villages are still pretty much in the state which they were left in after the earth quake in April and May 2015. The families were busy getting their connecting paths/trails cleared and redone, so they could at least reach the other village, also they had to build shelters out of whatever could still be used from under the pile of stones which used to be their houses.

Thulo Syabru .. almost one year after… has moved from one hill to the other.. – people think it is safer there. My friend Ang Tsering lost everything, standing next to his ex-house, he could also see the landslide in the far distance which he and Maya and some others had just about missed by two minutes and escaped from barefoot and with nothing else. Their mothers lodge swept away, their only source of income. In taking over the costs for Mayas boarding school we also helped him and his family. Maya was “adopted” as another sister when she was 6 years old and has since been with Ang Tsering and his family. At least this problem we could solve. Still many more to deal with. And if anyone wants to help directly Ang Tsering or the people in Thulo Syabru.. please write. I do have safe connections to get money to them.

The Indian Blockade is lifted.. or at least that’s what they say. This means instead of waiting for 9 hours (to days..) to get NO petrol.. they actually do have a chance to now get 10 ltrs after waiting for 4 or 5 hours. That’s an improvement. I am quite thankful, that now the blackmarket leaders will have no way of ripping off people anymore.. it was quite bad.. and of course noone knows who actually earned all that money..

I can’t wait to be back.. that’s for sure! Great people.. that’s for sure! The source of battery I need! And I would recommend to all of you .. GO ..and see for yourselves.. or donate the money.. 🙂 and I will take it there!