Nepal blockade 2015 (16)

Nepal blockade 2015 is the page on wikipedia on which you can get a picture of the situation in Nepal and what led to it. Thousands of links do definitely lead you into any direction which might be of interest for you concerning Nepal. I have NOT read them all.. BUT

I met the people there. The situation extremly bad for the Nepalese people… (I think our vocabulary does not cover words that could describe it .. ). And at the same time this is the country where you meet people with the truest hearts and souls which leave me speechless and in “awe”  and sometimes in utter shame of what we live here…. . Then again.. this “Verein” showed me that there are also awesome people here!

Just ONE example  – A tiny situation in which I thought.. how odd.. there I am obviously one of the RICH people.. and yet …

– well – this was the situation:   I was at Durbar Square and lost some money (WELL –  I DID NOT even realize..) and a Nepalese made me aware… shouting:  “Madam you lost something”… 🙂

Anyhow.. some of the the villages are like the earth quake happened yesterday, not the people’s fault, they first had to clear the paths themselves to get to the next village.. and the Nepal blockade does not necessarily help any of it. Let’s not mention the government. This is about the people ..and there are ways of helping directly.. and this is the only way that works. I will report more soon.. just no time right now. If you have questions please please DO contact.