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Sponsorships (12 children are still waiting)

.. so far, I think, WE have not mentioned how to become a supporter or sponsor of a child. 10 Euros a month can also be summed up to 120 Euros a year, which might be easier for people doing PayPal! However, try to not forget to pay in the next year too! (although WE do remind people,too😁) WE will then let U Know which child u are Supporting. If u have any question please write to me! Andi (Andrea)

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Warmest greetings,,,,

Dear Andrea Berner, Warmest greetings and Namaste,,,, Hope,, this mail will find you in the best of your health. It has been almost two months since we started our new session 2018/2019. Maya Tamang is in very good health and enjoying every moment of school activities. This year she is studying in class four and doing good as usual. The weather is pretty good as of frequent rain this year. It seems the monsoon will start very soon. No more

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